Questions of the Week

Week 12, Nearing the End

As we get closer to the End, we get closer to the end of the year! Next week is my last week of undergrad and I don’t know where the time has gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that I started school.

This week was a lot of work for this class, but I enjoyed it all! I really liked making gifs, I think that is a really cool way of telling a story. I feel like for this class I try to get a lot of work done with a few assignments as possible, so I’m more likely to do a 4-star assignment over two 2 star ones. But I decided to switch that up this time. I wanted to do more assignments because there were so many to do! I really enjoyed doing a lot of different things and experimenting with different assignments.

For my 5 star assignment, I wanted to try to create my own adventure. I failed miserably at it. I read through the assignment and downloaded the software, but I just couldn’t get the knack of it. I tried to do the coding and figure out how to make the different commands, but I ended up just getting increasingly more frustrated with my computer. So I switched to a different assignment. However, I want to go back and try to figure it out someday!

If I look to my right all that is on the couch next to me is one of our PS4 controllers. I was watching Shameless on Netflix and used the remote to turn it on. I don’t really know what this is going to do for me during the apocalypse. It doesn’t even have batteries because it charges with a cable. I’d say I’m pretty screwed.

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