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    Mother Abagail’s To-do List

    For two of my stars, I decided to make a to-do list for Abagail Freeman! I just used the post-it note app on my computer that I use to make lists and put down some of the things I thought she might need to do. This was really easy and definitely only worth two stars. The assignment was supposed to be a bucket list, but after living 108 years I feel like she might be more inclined to something a little more serious than a bucket list.


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    End of Video Weeks!

    I am so sad to see the end of the video weeks to be over! I really enjoyed making all of the different assignments for the past two weeks. I was a little nervous going in, but I had a great time cutting things together and getting back into editing. I loved watching the movies and looking at the different ways that things are cut together and edited. I enjoyed analyzing the scene, especially because I haven’t taken any film classes this semester and I was really missing it! I am so glad I got to watch a movie from one of my favorite franchises, Cloverfield, and one with my favorite actor, Cillian Murphy.

    My favorite things that I have done over the past two weeks are definitely the stop motion videos! I had a lot of fun making them and getting it all together. I thought they were going to be really hard, but I found them to be pretty easy, just a little tedious! I also think it is really important to do things like adding a little noise and music to make the videos cuter/more engaging. I liked them so much/didn’t find a very good assignment bank assignment about stop-motion that I made one up and used it as one of my submissions! I suggested people should do 2-5 minutes because that is a pretty long stop motion to be doing. I hope that other people find it and like doing it as much as I do!

    If I heard a radio broadcast that the end was coming I would spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I would want to do things that I really enjoy– like cooking and watching movies and cross stitching. At first, I thought I would want to jam as many things as possible into however many days I had, but I would want to focus on being with people that I loved for as long as possible.


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    Cooking Salmon

    The first assignment I decided to do for this week was a two-second silent documentary! I decided to film myself making salmon for dinner. I have to give a major shout out to my housemate, Cameron for filming me. I, unfortunately, don’t have a tripod and needed someone to hold the camera. After I filmed everything I cut it all together using iMovie. I sped some things up because while it cut the video down to less than the 2 minutes, it was really boring without it haha.


    I really enjoyed doing this! I ended up putting some music over the video because you could hear the girls I live with talking in the background!

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    Supercut It

    First things first, I stan Cillian Murphy. So when I was trying to decide what movie to watch I knew I was going to want to watch “28 Days Later”. After thoroughly enjoying this movie, although it was scarier than I expected, I was ready to start cutting things together. While I was watching the movie I wrote down all of the times that there were zombies and then I cut those all together. I was surprised that there weren’t that many zombie scenes! Considering it was a zombie apocalypse movie I was looking for there to be more of them. The audio got a little messed up when I was transferring it from online to my computer, but I think the cutscene worked well.

    Overall, it was a pretty good movie! I am not a huge fan of gory movies and there was a fair bit of it in this movie. However, I was really interested that the disease was transmitted not just through bites, but through any transfer of bodily fluids. Also, the disease spread really quickly once you were infected which I feel like you don’t always see in zombie movies.

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    It’s not Ben 10, it’s Week 10

    Wow! This week was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be! But I had a really good time putting it all together! I really enjoyed exploring iMovie and learning how to cut things together. When I was in High School I was on the Morning News program and we used to film and edit our own segments so I felt a little familiar with that. However, when we were doing it we used FinalCut Pro and I don’t have the personal funds to purchase that (nor do I super remember how to edit on there anyway). So I made do with iMovie and I didn’t have too hard of a time navigating it!

    My favorite thing I made was the stop-motion turtle! I just think it was really cute and I have loved showing it to my friends! I am hoping I can do another similar assignment next week.

    I also really enjoyed that we learned about movies! I have taken a couple of film classes here at UMW and I love talking about movies! I also love the Cloverfield franchise and was so so so excited to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane for class. I like reading the article because it made me think about different parts of the film. I’ve spent a lot of time in class talking about how shots are composed and what things look like in the shots. The 10CL was shot in a really small space, and they did a good job of building tension in the small area with not a lot of movement.

    It was also really cool to watch the videos. I think Stanley Kubrick films are really interesting and the cutting together all of the scenes made for a good video. I took a class on exploitation cinema and we talked a little bit about his film style. My favorite director is Wes Anderson and that’s because his style is so distinct. That is also why I like Stanley Kubrick films– you always know when you’re watching it who made it.

    If I could ask the class anything, I’d ask them what they like to do in their free time! I feel like I see how creative everyone is, but I want to know what they like to do when they aren’t working for this class!

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    10 Questions for the Apocalypse Answered

    I was having a hard time figuring out what to do that tied into the radio shows until I found 10 Apocalyptic Questions!!

    This fit perfectly and I was able to still play the character I created for my radio show!! Erin made a comeback and she is here talking about the strangeness involving her daughter’s disappearance and how she has been feeling recently!

    I used iMovie to make this!

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    Video Essay

    First, let me start off by saying how excited I was that one of the movies we got to watch for class this week was 10 Cloverfield Lane. I recently have gotten really into the Cloverfield series and have been meaning to watch this one for a while.

    I picked the scene where Michelle, Howard, and Emmet sit down to dinner for the first time together. At this point in the movie, we still aren’t sure what is going on and if Howard is being 100% honest with what is going on. The original scene is over 10 minutes long, which was a lot to analyze especially considering there isn’t a ton going on. In a very purposeful manner.

    This scene follows the rule of thirds a lot and kind of sticks to just a couple of shots. This isn’t a ton of action. There aren’t any crazy fights (until the very end), especially not in the section of the scene that I chose. However, I think there is a lot being said about the lack of action. There is palpable tension building up between the three characters and the shot-reverse-shot nature of how the scene is filmed builds it. I think it is really interesting to look at how the shots are composed and how the characters are framed within the shots. I like what Roger Ebert said about the left side being considered more evil than the right because Howard is situated on Michelle’s left and Emmet on her right.

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    Stop Motion Turtle!

    I was really excited for video week to come around because I knew I wanted to make a stop-motion video! I thought about it for a couple of days and was having a hard time coming up with an easy way to get our theme into a stop motion video, and then I figured maybe I could do something about blogging! Thus came my video of this small turtle quickly learning how to blog and getting ready to read about what needs to get posted on the End website!

    To make this video I used an app called “Stop Motion” to collect all of the pictures and mash them together. This was a really easy way to do this because it kept all the photos together for me! For this 22 second video, I ended up taking over 200 photos! It was really fun to figure out how to make it look like the turtle was moving. I made a trial video and I was glad I did, at first I was moving too quickly and jumping between shots.

    I then uploaded the video to my computer and used iMovie to pull it together with some royalty free music. I added the clicking of the keyboard too!

    Overall I really enjoyed making this assignment and I would definitely love to try and do it again!!

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    Week 9 Victories and Reflections

    What a week! It was definitely very exciting for me, I have officially accepted the position as a graduate assistant in Elon University’s Gender and LGBTAI+ office and will be getting my Masters of Arts in Higher Education there starting in August! I am so excited and also so so relieved to have all of that work off of my shoulders. I am ready to get back down to business and finish up these last five (ah!) weeks of undergrad strong.

    There wasn’t a whole lot going on this week, but it was nice to look at what other people are doing! I think because this class is online and very personally driven I sometimes forget how many people there are in this class and participating in all of this with me. Between listening to radio shows and commenting I got a really good glimpse into what everyone else has got going on! I really enjoyed looking through other people’s blogs and seeing how they are set up.

    Finally, after many attempts the first time and three attempts this time, I got my gif to fit and work nicely into my blog post. I feel kind of silly that I couldn’t figure it out until just now– but hey, everything is a process, right? Also, that is one new skill that I can properly say I know how to do, and should I ever need to create a gif and embed it in a WordPress site, I can do it!! Even little victories are still victories.

    In the apocalypse, I would need to either have some good cross stitching kits or good books. I know that is kind of cheating to have two, but no one can stop me. Cross stitching is absolutely a little lame, but it takes a really long time to do, creates a nice final product, and gives me something to do. I think these would be harder to come across so that is why I would settle for some good books too. I think during the apocalypse I would, understandably, be a little stressed and I would take anything that would get my mind off of my imminent doom. In desperate times I would definitely go into the creepy old house that may have raiders in it to get some books or a new cross stitch project. I might be dying anyway, right?

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    Radio Post Reflection

    I LOVED this assignment. I was really nervous going into it because I didn’t know how my group was going to work out or our project. But after working on everything and listening to everyone else’s posts I realized how awesome this assignment was. It was really cool to see all of the creativity that everyone put into their radio shows. Each one was so different!

    I tuned into Apocalyptic Airwave and I really liked the story that it told. I hadn’t thought about telling a story during the radio show, and I think they produced it really well. All of the sound effects were really good and I think this group did a great job of making all the different parts sound cohesive. A radio show can mean so many different things and I remember listening to story radio when I was a kid. This show really reminded me of that and I enjoyed listening to it.

    I am so glad I got to help produce our radio show W-END 106.3. My group members did an amazing job of editing the sound bits together and making it really feel like a radio show. I think I’ve already mentioned it, but having a podcast is a not-so-secret dream of mine, and this definitely was the first step. It was really cool to see all how editing software that is way above my expertize level looks and is used to create something. Overall, I learned a lot from this assignment and had a really great time doing it!!!