Final Project

The End

This semester has been really fun and I am definitely going to miss this class. Even though it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed all of it. This final project was also a lot of work, but it was a ton of fun to do. I knew I wanted to use the ground beef evidence, CDE evidence, and a character created. I also wanted to utilize some of the different types of media that I haven’t spent a lot of time with.

To summarize my evidence–

I found a note while I was in Katora this week and decoded the first letters to find a message asking for help because the government was trying to kill the author. I also found that the note-writers name was Sam Miller.

This lead me to do some research and finding Sam Miller’s business card and an invoice for 20,000 pounds of ground beef. Both of these were really confusing, but it was helpful to note that Sam was a genetic engineer for CDE. This seemed all too coincidental.

I found some security footage of CDE and saw someone running away (could it have been Sam??) and then a lot of police, could that have been the government??

Finally, I found a Memo and some emails. I think that whatever Sam was working on went horribly, horribly wrong. They were trying to extend human life, but I think instead they shortened it. There is now a superbug that is killing people left and right. I think the government tried to kill her and her lab partners to stop the spread, but I think they were too late. The virus is spreading and I don’t think there is a way to stop it. The symptoms of the virus are staring at the night sky, eating copious amounts of ground beef, and wandering. After three to five days anyone infected just disappears. I think they all have to be walking somewhere, I just don’t know where. I am worried I might be next.


To make all of these assignments I used Canva, online templates, iMovie, and Gmail. The best part about this was that I was sitting next to my friend Ethan while I worked on most of it and he kept looking over and asking me what I was doing. He said “at one point you made an acrostic letter about the government killign you, an invoice for 20,000lbs of groudn beef, a memo, and a bunch of emails. I am so confused abotu this class”. Which is how i think most people in my life feel about it. However, I have loved working in this class. I put a lot of work into this final project and wanted it to make a cohesive story. I hope that it all fits together into the larger narrative.


I want to help find a cure for this virus, but for now, this is The End.

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