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    Evidence Found Downtown

    Okay, guys, this is super weird. I was at Katora in Downtown Fredericksburg and I found this note shoved in between the couch cushions. Because I am so nosey I decided to open it up and read it. When I first read through it I thought it was super weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something seemed off. I read it a couple of times and was really struck by the last paragraph, the wording was just so weird. That’s when I realized that the first few letters spelled out “HELP” and then I realized that the whole letter was an acrostic. I went through and highlighted all of the first letters and realized that the letter spelled out “HELP THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO KILL US WE KNOW TOO MUCH SOS SEND HELP”. This was super weird and has me a little worried. It is signed by someone named “Sam Miller”. I wonder who that is?? I think I am going to need to do a little research.

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    I have been reviewing the evidence and I am really interested in what is going on. I hang out at the writing center once or twice a week and so I try to look around as to what is going on up and around the DKC while I’m there. I haven’t found anything yet, but I am keeping my eyes peeled.

    I think there is something definitely weird going on with this whole raw beef thing. I remember someone asking if I had encountered any raw beef products in the 10 questions of the apocalypse…. and what is really weird is I found some raw beef leading to a ripped open package on my front porch. I’m really not sure what is going on, but I made sure that I didn’t touch any of it with my skin. I covered it with a plastic bag. I don’t want whatever it is that is happening to Martha to be happening to me.

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    The Stand in GIFs

    Okay. So I lied. This isn’t the entirety of The Stand. This is the entirety of the first two parts of The Stand miniseries. You see, Stephen King went out and wrote such an incredibly long and complex novel that they couldn’t just make a simple 2-hour movie about it. No, instead a four-part miniseries had to be directed, produced and aired. Each part of the miniseries was over an hour and a half and I couldn’t watch or cut all of it down. I watched the first part and made gifs out of it. Then I watched the second part and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Cutting down over 3 hours into gifs was so hard. I didn’t know what made sense and I am honestly so worried that you can’t even begin to tell what is going on. Because there are so many characters and storylines it is hard to pick gifs that made sense and also gave people the sense of what was going on.

    I know that the assignment was to only use 10, but there were just far too many characters and too much happening for there to only be 10. Also, I figured that was a good rule to use for each part of the miniseries. Otherwise, I don’t think this assignment would have made any sense.

    I decided to only do the first half, otherwise, this was never going to end. You would find me in 10 years editing clips, uploading to youtube, cutting into gifs, and then putting in this blog post. Plus, I figured that 3 hours of footage was enough to cut, considering that is the length of a movie.

    To make this post, I used the 4k Video Downloader to get all of the parts off of YouTube. This was great to get footage to turn into gifs, but the only version I found of it had Russian subtitles. This was okay though because I just worked around them. I then used iMovie to cut down the larger segments of it into smaller clips. I clipped what I wanted to turn into gifs. I then uploaded the clipped videos to YouTUbe and then used Giphy to make gifs! I just changed the start time when I was making them get to the right part of the clip.

    I liked this assignment, and I think that it can be a really cool way to tell a story. I just needed to pick a shorter story.

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    Week 7&8 Recap

    I can’t believe it’s been over a week since Spring Break!! The time is flying by and I know it is going to be graduation before we know it!

    The past two weeks have been a lot of fun! I have a not so secret desire to have a podcast and this week felt like I was gaining the skills to make it a reality. I have been on my friend’s radio show before, but I had never sat down and recorded audio. I am so so so so so glad that I had my group members to help me with this project because with them it turned out way better than I could have ever done myself. If it had been left up to me I would have used garage band to cut some audio together and added a couple of transitions. However, Eric was so good at cutting things together and mixing the sound that our final project ended up sounding like a super legit radio show.

    I keep showing my friends our Radio Show because it sounds so good. This is definitely one of the things I am the proudest of creating thus far from this class. We all met up in the recording booth and recorded all of our parts. We worked together to come up with what we should be talking about and how we were going to incorporate our different characters. I think the apocalypse theme lent itself so well to the idea of the radio show because it alowed us to be really creative. Doing this project reminded me a lot of War of the Worlds and how that radio show went down. With how social media is now, it could be very easy for something very similar to this to happen, but with a fake news article. Fake news is something we talk about a lot, and it is crazy to think what people will believe. Things get shared back and forth on twitter and facebook so easily it could be incredibly plausible for someone to share something and a mass amount of people would believe it.

    I decided to make a bus add for our radio show. I think that would be a good way to advertise it, although I wonder if our bus add would be on a hoverbus…. I tried to use Canva’s new “share it” feature and embed the link directly into my post about it, but I had some trouble. I definitely want to play around with it a little and see what I can do. I tried using the WordPress link specifically and wasn’t having too much luck, but I think I am going to look up a tutorial on how to make it work because then I could just insert my designs directly!

    Overall, this week was so fun and I am glad I got to be with such a great group! I honestly feel like I don’t deserve them haha. They were so nice to work with and helped create such an incredible final product. I am so so happy with where it ended up and I am really excited to look back on this and see how awesome it turned out.

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    HoverBus Ad

    This is my HoverBus Ad for our radio show, W-END 106.3!! I wanted to make something that was punchy, but simple. It has all of our info and would hopefully attract people to listen to us while they are stuck in their HoverCars stuck in 95 traffic. It’s too bad that even in the future there isn’t a great solution for traffic… 

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    Frequency 2156

    I think this is a really cool thing. I spent a good chunk of time looking and listening to different posts from all over. I tuned into their broadcast for a little bit and tried to catch different sound bites. I think that these creators chose this medium because it is so different from anything else I have seen. I really like that people can add their own additions to the narrative and continue to change and edit it. Because everyone all over is able to add their own input and style to everything. It is really creative that they made it a radio frequency/radio wave from the future. When I was adding my own I thought it was a really cool experience! I liked adding my own audio and then writing about what my message was about and posting it to a group experience.


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    Without a Retractable Roof, we are All Domed

    Week four!! I can’t believe we are moving so quickly through this semester. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing last week’s reflection post. But I am learning so much each week and feel like my blog is getting more and more developed.  I was able to get both plug-ins on my blog with not a  lot of trouble and that felt like such a personal victory. I am still struggling to organize my blog and I am hoping to spend a little bit of more time getting it all together next week. I want it to be really user-friendly and also something I am proud to show people.

    I enjoyed all of the explorations we did with photography this week. I really enjoyed doing my photo blitz! It was really fun to run around and try to get all of the pictures together before the 20 minute time frame was up. I think it is a really cool assignment and it makes me want to do more than one.

    This weekend’s rainy awful weather was perfect for watching a movie and so I was incredibly thankful that we had to do it for homework this week! Like I said in my reflection post, I had already watched the newest Mad Max film and so that felt like a shoe-in for what to watch. I really enjoyed sitting down to watch this crazy post-apocalyptic film. While I was watching and reflecting on the movie I remembered this article about how Mad Max (the newest one) is incredibly empowering and I am here for all of that. I love how movies and media can make and take such stands on things.

    I felt really challenged this week with all of the gif and web/visual assignments. I found myself getting a little frustrated at times because I couldn’t figure out how to do things. I was looking through a lot of the different visual assignments and I wanted to do them, but would start to get and then realize that it was a little over my head. Some of the tutorials were really helpful (especially on the pixel art one!!) and that section of the assignment bank was really helpful and a good way to figure out things.


    I do think that there can be a story from a GIF. If a picture can tell a thousand words then a moving picture can tell a million. I found many GIFs that I thought could tell a compelling story. I even found this guy who has made a pixel art gif of every Game of Thrones Death. 


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    Haiku Recipe

    For my last set of stars in the assignment bank, I am going to make a recipe into a haiku!


    Boil water in the pot,

    Don’t forget the mug or tea,

    Pour water in cup.

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    Tell It/Tweet It: Plague

    We had been traveling for almost two weeks. I think. It had gotten tough to keep track of all of the days as they were passing. All I know is that we walked all day without stopping for hardly anything until we got somewhere Ryan thought was good enough. I tried to sleep on the cold ground, but it was getting harder each night.

    The only thing that kept me going was the constant promise that we were going to get to DC and find some of the others.

    It had been over three years since over 80% of the world’s population died from a quick-spreading virus. Before anyone could figure out what was killing people, it was already too late. People were dying left and right, and there was no way to save everyone. Those of us that survived only did because there was some genetic mutation that made us immune to the disease.

    I found Ryan while I was raiding a hospital for any unused medical supplies that I could put in my pack in case I hurt myself. He was doing the same thing.

    He told me that he was planning on traveling to DC because he had heard from some people he had run into that there was a colony of others up there. So we started walking. Banding together could help us survive and begin to rebuild.


    After what felt like forever, I finally saw the Washington Monument. It was eerily quiet and still as we walked over the Key Bridge. I remembered visiting DC when I was in the 6th grade on a school trip, and it felt so big and bustling. Now it felt empty and small. We walked around in what felt like a haphazard manner until we reached the Library of Congress. We pushed open the massive double doors, and I smelled that familiar and comforting smell of old books


    I heard someone say

    “Hello?? Who is there?”

    And that was the first voice beside Ryan’s that I had heard in over three years. And I didn’t know if I should be excited, terrified, or both.

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    Apocalyptic Starter Kit

    I am excited to keep reading The Stand. I have always been a big Stephen King fan, but I haven’t ever read that one. I am interested in the characters and what is happening. I had a hard time at first getting into the start of the excerpt, but once I started reading, I got excited and wanted to keep going. I want to buy it, and immediately find out what is going on. Stephen King does a good job of hooking his readers and getting them to stay interested the story. I think this is going to be the book that I keep reading for the rest of the semester. I think it will be very interesting to read this “newer” edition of the book with all of the additions to it.

    Admittedly, I didn’t think I was going to learn a lot in the SF article because I had already learned so much in a previous class. However, I learned some very interesting things. The section talking about female writers in the 1960s and the rise of feminism in regards to SF and apocalyptic fiction was something I had never learned about or thought about. Looking and comparing SF and the different things going on in society is a really clear and important comparison to keep making.

    The BBC video was definitely a little cheesy, but it was still fun to watch. Docu-dramas are really funny and a good way to present information in a different way. I certainly wouldn’t want to die in the Killer Meteorite, that was the scariest/funniest scenario I thought.